What Can I Buy For 1 SGD in Nepal?

Home to Mount Everest and a number of World Heritage sites (it has the densest concentration of sites in the world), Nepal has still managed to retain its own rich culture through its people and cuisine.

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Here’s a list of the things you can get in Nepal for 1 SGD:

1. 1 packet of Wai Wai noodles

Nepal 2Source: waiwaihyd

This is a game changer for instant noodles. Wai Wai noodles are flavored before packaging so you can eat them straight from the package or cooked in soup form.

2. 1 bottle of 500ml soft drink

Nepal 3Source: zzanyy

We don’t really see these glass bottles back here in Singapore very often but these 500ml bottles cost less than a dollar in Nepal. Perfect for the occasional thirsty traveller.

3. A cone of puffed chili rice

Nepal 4Source: travelwithman

One of the most popular street snacks in Nepal, the puffed chili rice is an easy and convenient snack to bring around. It can be found all over Nepal, and for the price, it would be a filling snack that can last you for a few hours.

4. 5 pieces of panipuri

Nepal 5

Source: seetheworldinmyeyes

It is made up of a round and hollow puri, fried to a crisp and filled with a mixture of flavoured water, pani, amongst other things. So if you translate it directly, it means flavoured water crust.

5. A bowl of chicken choila

Nepal 6

Source: nepalitummy

Usually served as an Appetizer , chicken choila is a grilled non-vegetarian dish that is usually taken with beaten rice. An extremely spicy dish so this is mainly for those daredevils who don’t mind a little heat.

6. 2 pieces of pakoras

Nepal 7

Source: deshigrub

Pakoras are a fried snack originating from India. Now they are found all across South Asia. The main ingredient for this snack is chickpea batter and is usually paired up with ketchup and tea.

7. 3 pieces of Jerry

Nepal 8Source: tasteofnepal

A very common street snack in Nepal. Jerrys are deep fried, sweet orange loops that are dipped in saffron syrup before being served to customers. They taste best when freshly made, and when the filling is flowing out of the pastry like warm honey.

8. A plate of momo (if you are lucky)

Nepal 9Source: tsermang.nomadslandcamps

Momos are dumplings in Nepal. If you are really lucky you might find a plate for 50 rupees but usually they are slightly higher than that. Similar to our Chinese jiaozi, they are filled with minced meat and steamed to juicy perfection.

Experience Nepal Yourself
1)   The average time between Singapore and Nepal is 5 hours.
2)   There is one outgoing flight from Singapore to Kathmandu (Nepal’s capital) everyday, except for Saturdays.
3)   Singapore is 2 hours and 15 minutes ahead of Nepal. So when it’s 5pm here, it’s 2.45pm there.

1) Special thanks to Om Bahadur Thapa for his help.

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