Language Schools

Thinking of learning a new language to prep you up for your adventures abroad?


Las Lilas offers Spanish language classes that may help you tango through the streets of  Buenos Aires or ask for advice while hiking up to the mountain paradise of Machu Picchu

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SimpleArabic provides Arabic classes for those seeking to catch the Arabian Sun and aiming to be involved in the new growing power, that is the Middle East


UnknownUniversity of Havana in Cuba offers competitively priced Spanish classes that includes an intensive 4 months, 300 hours course for USD $960 or a 6 months, 460 hours course for USD $1400 (that’s $3 an hour!).  So if you have 3 to 6 months to spare and eager to learn Spanish, why not take a look at what they have on offer. You might soon find yourself learning Spanish in the beautiful Caribbean.