Initiatives by Singaporeans

These individuals are no different from anyone else. The reason they stand out is because of their courage and desire to go beyond the shores of our tiny little island and to set up initiatives in places where people tend not to go. Do check these initiatives out and be inspired!

The African Specialist_LogoThe African Specialist was founded by industry veterans and kindred souls (including founder Elizabeth) who are passionate about Africa and believe in travel that inspires the human spirit and transcends cultural boundaries. The African Specialist currently runs experiential tours to Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and many more. Click here for their story.

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Ghana Initiative is the brainchild of Woo Wanfong, an undergraduate student who got inspired by her time spent in Ghana. The program is currently running 2 projects – The Sewing Machine Project and The Tamale International Folk High School Project. To gain a better sense of what the initiative is about, check out her story here

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Kenyan Riders started unofficially when Nicholas Leong first went to Kenya to start his search for cyclists in 2006. Things took off for Kenyan Riders in 2009 when the company was incorporated in Singapore. A proper team was built up, with proper coaches and support staff at a training camp at Iten in Kenya. The dream is to field the first all-African team in professional cycling and to encourage others to build on their strengths and fulfill their dreams. Check out their story here


Milaap is a social enterprise that provides funding to underprivileged families in India through customised credit programs in 7 key focus areas, namely: energy, vocational training, water, sanitation, sustainable farming, healthcare and enterprise development. Learn more about them here

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Tana River Life Foundation is a charitable trust set up by Gabriel Teo to assist marginalized and economically disadvantaged communities through nurturing their inherent talents to enable them to choose lives of dignity. A former ASEAN scholar who had bright prospects and a promising career paved for him. He chose to give this up to improve the quality of life of the Kenyan people living in rural communities. Read all about the organisation and his story here