Country: Pakistan

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Taking cinemas by storm: Bajranji Bhaijaan was released on 17th July 2015, one day before Eid. It grossed a total of US$49 million worldwide in its first week. (Photo:

Film Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan

There is nothing more ‘Bollywood’ than a movie starring one of Hindi cinema’s most successful actors, breathtaking backdrops and dance-along-to music [...]

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From left to right: Jemimah Seow, Andre He, Taahira Ayoob and Jeremy Ho. Photo: Lahore Landing

Lahore in a New Lens

For budding filmmakers Jeremy Ho, Andre He, Taahira Ayoob and Jemimah Seow, they would have never guessed that their Final Year Project would take [...]