Captured: The Beauty of Afghanistan [VID]

What most of us see on television about this country are news of violence, suffering and poverty. The media we watch has primed us to expect only these of Afghanistan. All the more important it is for you to see this film, as it takes viewers to meet the smiling Afghans and their beautiful snow-capped mountains. Before the decades of fighting that ripped the country apart, Afghanistan was actually an exotic stop on the 1960s tourist trail. Travellers were fascinated by the relics from empires thousand of years old, vast deserts and lush valleys.

The filmmaker Mikai and Armen Karl said, Yes, there has been war, their country has been torn, but they are a strong people, just like any other, searching for peace among this chaotic world.”

Peace in Afghanistan, looks beautiful. See it for yourself.

Afghanistan from Mikai Danger Karl on Vimeo.