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From left to right: Jemimah Seow, Andre He, Taahira Ayoob and Jeremy Ho. Photo: Lahore Landing

Lahore in a New Lens

For budding filmmakers Jeremy Ho, Andre He, Taahira Ayoob and Jemimah Seow, they would have never guessed that their Final Year Project would take [...]

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Above: Mark near the venue for the Singapore Writer’s Festival 2015

Mind the Maps

The Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) is an annual event which draws some of the world’s literary leading lights to our island. Mark Gevisser, a [...]

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The Devil's Backbone

Spooktober: Fright Flicks

“People like to be scared,” said the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Halloween is probably the only time of year to scare the living daylights [...]

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The Mexican Maestro

If you can sing Mexican music, you can sing just about anything. Singing Mexican folk tunes is akin to shifting gears in a car – it requires the [...]