5 offbeat Airbnb locations that you HAVE to travel to with your friends!

Craving an adventure? Travelling with a big group of friends? Then save this list of lodgings just in case you decide to do something crazy and travel to these amazing locations. Spacious, cheap, unique… an adventure awaits!

1) Taytawasi Villa in Urubamba, Cusco, Peru for 10 guests (SGD$290/night)

Hosted by a Spanish-Peruvian couple with a love for travel, Taytawasi is a feast for the eyes. With a land area of at least 300 square meters, this villa boasts a lot of space. It has large, wide windows and extremely high ceilings, which allow a lot of natural light through, contributing to the warm, homely feel of the house. It has a master suite, 2 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. A lounge/library is also available where you and your friends can relax and reflect upon how amazing it is to get the opportunity to stay here. With a glass-enclosed spa room and an amazing view of the Andes to boot, this place promises not to disappoint. Located away from large cities, the night sky does not suffer from light pollution so you and your friends get the opportunity to stargaze! This place is ideal for those who plan on exploring the Sacred Inca Valley, which is just nearby. A taxi or mini bus service is also available upon request.

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2) Portuguese Style Villa in Goa, India for 10 guests (SGD$725 /night)

If you are thinking of an atypical beach destination to go to with your friends, why not consider Goa in India? Its white, pristine beaches and interesting cultural diversity makes for a unique vacation spot. On top of that, rather than opting for a cheap hotel, why not use the same budget to rent out a beautiful home near the exclusive Ashwem beach? Having been under Portuguese rule for 450 years, a lot of Goa’s architecture has been influenced by this European country. This place is no exception. Old, rustic doors and windows coupled with serene water features and minimalistic interiors create a truly luxurious yet homely abode. The spacious layout gives the space that you and your friends need without intruding each other’s privacy.

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3) Apartment in Baku, Azerbaijan for 8 guests ($SGD329/night)

Ever gathered around with your friends one day and just thought out loud, “Guys, let’s go to Azerbaijan!” and everyone miraculously agrees? If yes, then first off, that is one awesome group of friends! And secondly, that is a great idea! Azerbaijan is rich in history, natural wonder and has enormous economic potential. It is one of the most exciting up-and-coming places to go to in Central Asia. Its capital city, Baku is a fusion of both modern and ancient elements. It boasts futuristic buildings (such as the Flame Towers) as well as medieval architecture (such as the ancient Walled City of Baku) beautifully. You can book this entire spacious apartment through Airbnb at a prime location in the city centre. It has 3 bedrooms, a common area with a dining hall and a panoramic view of the city, perfect for a group of 8 friends all for just $SGD329/night! It beats staying in a dormitory together with other strangers and sharing a toilet. It lets you go on an adventure without compromising on neither comfort nor budget.

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4) Riad in Marrakech, Morocco for 8 guests ($SGD223/night)

Next up, Morocco! Set in the Medina of Marrakech, Riad Jawhar is an ideal location for those who are travelling in big groups and would love to experience staying in a traditional Moroccan town house without having to travel far to get to the main attractions. It has 4 ensuite bedrooms and accommodates 8 people. It is located a good distance away from of the bazaar, which makes it a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle yet is a walkable distance to it. A traditional Moroccan riad is meant to reflect an oasis, which in Islamic architecture is a description of paradise. And so, after a long day out and about, this riad is meant for you to come home to your own paradise.

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5) Villa Tatu in Zanzibar, Fukuchani, Tanzania for 10 guests (SGD$566 /night)

For those who think that Tanzania is not a recommended holiday destination, think again! Check out this beautiful beach villa, which accommodates 10 guests, equipped with a pool and a large lounge area that overlooks the Indian Ocean. In the evenings, you can even hold a BBQ (just let the room service know, they will handle it for you). There is also a Natural Aquarium and the ruins of an ancient civilization, the Fukuchani Ruins, nearby. Self-drive cars are also available for rent at just US$50 a day just in case you and your friends get the inkling for a little road trip!

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