What Can I Buy with 1 Singapore Dollar (SGD) in Qatar?

Most of the time, we worry about the spending power of our money and our travel budget in a new country. How much should I budget for a day in this country? What about a week? A month?  Here, we share with you some items which you can get for 1 SGD.

As of today, the exchange rate between Singapore Dollar and the Qatari Riyal is…

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  1. 3 cups of Chai Source Doha News

  2.   3 palm-sized packet of peanutsPeanuts

  3. About 3 litres of petrol (GASP!)Top-10-Cheapest-Petrol-in-the-World

  4. 3 bottles of water (500ml)masafi+water+2

  5.  3 pieces of Vadehvada 5

  6.  60 Black & White printed pages at Qatar Universitydubai photocopier source bdbizinuae

  7. 3 bags of 10 pieces of Arabic bread (that’s 30 pieces of Flatbread)pita

  8. A ride on public bus Mowasalat (about 12-13 bus stops)mowasolat

  9. 3 red ballpoint pens

  10. About 9 pieces of Chappathichappati

Seems like you won’t be hungry in Qatar with 1 SGD! At the very least you can have a meal with a bag of Arabic bread and pair it up with a cup of chai. Ahh… the simplicities of life.

Do you know of any other items which can be bought with 1 SGD in Qatar? Let us know!

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