Top 10 Best Bungee Jumps in the World

Game for an adrenaline rush? Take the exhilarating leap of faith – off a bridge, over a waterfall and even out of a helicopter.

The history of bungee jumping dates back hundreds of years when it was known as ‘Land Diving’ in the small country of Vanuatu. Young men from Pentecost island would hurl themselves off wooden platforms, which was entirely handmade, to prove their manhood and masculinity.


How it all began – Young men jump off tall platforms with only vines tied to their ankles…

1. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa
 Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa GoBeyongSG

When it comes to giving you an adrenaline rush, South Africa definitely nails it.

Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa2

Jump or fall off the Bloukrans Bridge – either way, it is not for the faint of heart.

The Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world at a whopping 216m. Claim the title of Bungee Master after this because if you make it here, you can handle any other jump there is. Get some moral support though! The adrenaline produced here can stay in your system for a good 30 hours.

 2. Colorado River, Costa Rica

Colorado River, Costa Rica

Colorado River, Costa Rica

Fancy jumping into a river flowing through a thick rainforest? If you do, then the Colorado River Tropical Bungee at Costa Rica is a bungee jump for you! At around 80m high, it is one of the highest jumps in the Americas.

Be the new king of the jungle and let your roar (scream) be heard by thousands of different animal species.

 3. AltaVila Tower, Brazil
AltaVila Tower, Brazil

Imagine the view from the top – yes, that little platform sticking out there.

AltaVila Tower, Brazil 2

A little closer..

This 71m-drop is located in the town of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The tower offers a panoramic view of Belo Horizonte and the surrounding picturesque mountains but, obviously, anyone who signs up for this isn’t just looking for great views.

It is probably the closest you will get to experiencing base jumping. The AltaVila Tower Bungee Jump is certainly worth checking out.

  4. Action Valley Adventure Park, PeruAction Valley Adventure Park, Peru


How do you complete your visit to ancient Incan ruins at Machu Picchu? Bungee jump, of course! Located 11km away from the ancient Incan capital of Cusco, this jump is perfect for putting some rush in your blood in between sightseeing.

 5. The Last Resort, Nepal


Located about three hours out of Kathmandu is The Last Resort, a picturesque area situated above the Bhoti Cosi River. Relax and calm your soul at a resort nearby before and after you jump over one of the most ferocious rivers in the country. While it wouldn’t be the last resort which you visit, the 166m platform is sure to get your senses tingling. 

 6. Graskop Gorge, South Africa
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For scale, the bungee line only extends to the top third of the photo.

Graskop Gorge, South Africa

Rivers, Forest, Urban landscape. Waterfalls?  Of course, there is no way the GoBeyond team could miss this out. And yes, you actually jump off a waterfall and swing over to the other side – how awesome is that? Trust the crazy Afrikaaners to come up with something like this.

 7. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe 2

Enjoy the majesty of Victoria Falls and the mighty Zambezi river while fearing for your life. Nothing to worry about here, even if your bungee cord breaks, there is the the crocodile-infested Zambezi river to catch you. (Watch an Australian woman’s experience here – she lived to tell the tale.)

Oh, this bridge connects Zimbabwe and Zambia so don’t forget your passport, because you might swing over to the Zambian side anytime.

8. Jumpin Heights (Rishikesh), India

Jumpin Heights (Rishikesh), India2Jumpin Heights (Rishikesh), India

Your children can jump too! While not the highest jump in Asia, Jumping Heights is the first of its kind in India. This 83m-drop has a lower age requirement than other jumps. You only need to be 12 years old. Those who complete the jump will receive a certificate proving their bravery.

 9. Nile High Bungee, Uganda

Nile High Bungee, Uganda

Photo Credits: Panoramio

This jump is special because you can jump any time of the day, even at night. It’s like an amplified experience. Try dipping your hands into the Nile River at the end of the descent for blessings and good luck. (Watch your head and keep a lookout for crocs!)

 10. Volcano Bungee, Chile

Volcano Bungee, Chile

Jumping off into a volcano

For the absolute crazies who will not settle for bridges, jump off a helicopter.  Not enough? Jump off a helicopter over an active volcano.

This is extremely pricey but it is the experience of a lifetime and a must-do for those whose adrenaline glands have been desensitized by the other nine jumps.

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