Picture Buffet 3: Christmas Main Courses from around the World

Vegetables are good for you. They’re also part of a much-anticipated Mexican festival. In Oaxaca, Mexico, “The Night of the Radishes” is a Christmas celebration where craftsmen carve radishes into beautiful and intricate sculptures of animals, dancers, saints, conquerors and kings.

Different countries all over the world also celebrate this festive time of the year with different dishes. Here is part three of our Christmas special!

1) Chiles en Nogada (Mexico)

Buffet 15
Source: The Mija Chronicles

What is it?
A fire-roasted poblano pepper filled with picadillo (shredded meat, fruits and spices), and covered in a creamy walnut sauce with a pomegranate seed garnish.

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2) Bacalao (Mexico)

Buffet 16
Source: gnom-gnom.com

What is it?
A salted cod mixed with tomato sauce, spices and vegetables.

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3) Roast pork (Brazil)

Buffet 17
Source: recipes.coles.com.au

What is it?
Possibly drizzled in lime juice with a peppery seasoning.

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4) Rice and Peas (Jamaica)

Buffet 18
Source: The Lovely Pantry

What is it?
Fragrant rice and kidney beans mixed with coconut milk and thyme.

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5) Goat Curry (Jamaica)

Buffet 19
Source: Simply Recipes

What is it?
Goat cooked with Jamaican curry powder, which is heavier on the allspice as compared to Indian curries.

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6) Farofa (Brazil)

Buffet 20
Source: Claudia’s Recipe

What is it?
Crispy bacon or smoked meat roasted in manioc flour, spices, butter and salt. Served as an accompaniment.

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7) Jollof Rice and Chicken (Nigeria)

Buffet 21
Source: Come to Nigeria

What is it?
Rice fried with tomatoes, onions and red peppers, served with tender chicken chunks.

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8) Doro Wat on Injera (Ethiopia)

Buffet 22
Source: Pinterest

What is it?
A spicy meat stew or curry prepared with chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables, spices and seasoned clarified butter, eaten with a spongy flatbread.

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9) Akoho sy Voanio (Madagascar)

Buffet 23
Source: tours42plus.com

What is it?
A stew mixing fried chicken in creamy coconut milk.

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10) Pepper Soup (Nigeria)

Buffet 24
Source: Afro Food

What is it?
A hot broth-like savory and spicy soup with chicken, beef or goat meat.

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11) Fata (Egypt)

Buffet 25
Source: Dyna’s Egyptian Cooking

What is it?
An Egyptian dish consisting of bread, rice, garlic and meat (commonly mutton).

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Are you starving yet? If you try out these unique recipes, we’re sure your own Christmas dinner will be absolutely delicious. Season’s greetings!

Which of these recipes are you trying out? Let us know in the comments!

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