Land of Adventure: The Dominican Republic

Many may not be aware of what The Dominican Republic is. However, as we unravel what Dominican Republic has to offer, many will be left wide-eyed and encouraged to travel to The Dominican Republic, a land of adventure.

The Dominican Republic is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region. Its official language is Spanish and its currency is The Dominican Peso.

#1 Santo Domingo

When one is in Dominican Republic, one definitely can’t go without roaming around the picturesque streets of the capital, Santo Domingo. Embark on your little adventure with these places of interest to keep a look out for!

Catedral Primada de América


catedral1Photo credit: Taringa, Travel.Us

Al Cazar De Colon

 Alcazar de Colon, Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik

alcazardecolon2Photo credit: GoDominicanRepublic,Inzumi

Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos

monasterio-de-santo-domingo-de-silos Ruinas-de-San-Francisco-Santo-DomingoPhoto credit: Absoluterepublica, Planetware

#2 Stop: La Romana

‘Cave of Wonders’ (Cueva de las Maravillas)

 Of all the marvels in the city of La Romana, the Cave of Wonders should be at the top of your list.

Why you should visit:  What makes this cave special is the cave art that one can look at on-site. This ‘cave art’ is believed to be “made by Tainos, ancient inhabitants of the island,”– according to Domanican Trip a travel website. These paintings and engravings are preserved in its natural state for hundreds of years and is said to be predominantly in Black and Red.

caveofwonders1Best left untouched: Visitors are advised to not touch or scratch the walls of the caves as it threatens the caves’ natural state. Photo Credit: GoDominicanRepublic

This cave has a depth of 25m underground and it has guided tours available for tourists who are interested to venture into this beautiful cave.  It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes as it may get stuffy in the cave. Expect the tour around this mysterious cave to last about an hour or less.

Located at: San Pedro de Macorís main road, La Romana

caveofwonders2Mystery & magic: Till date, the cave maintains its form for visitors to marvel at its glowing beauty. Photo Credit: Juanperdomo

Fun Fun Cave (Cueva Fun Fun)

Another adventure you can look forward to is the tour around Fun Fun Cave.

Why you should visit: Tours given to this cave comprise of a mix of thrilling activities one after another. This makes your trip worthwhile as you get to experience many different things in one adventure.

 You can expect:

  • A lot of walking (you have to be physically fit as this activity may be demanding)
  • A short horse-ride after breakfast
  • Diving down a natural wall into the cave
  • Dipping into the cave’s underground river

funfuncave1All geared up: Expect to be equipped with protective gears when exploring the cave with a tour group size as above. Photo credit: Puntacanatours

For any enquires here is a tour guide that could be of great help: Puntacanatours  

What you can expect: Puntacanatours

Do take note: 

  • Children under 11 are not permitted
  • English tour guides are available only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

 Located at: Los Haitises, Dominican Republic

Saona Island

Experience beauty by the beach. With guided tours available, you will be directed to all the beauty on the island as well as around it to be explored.  

Why you should visit:  Saona Island is a protected nature reserve which stuns visitors with its clear blue waters and variety of marine life in its natural habitat. Visiting Saona Island would mean having a marine life adventure in pure nature with nothing altered.

Here is an excursion guide that can be of help: SeavisBayahibe (Highest rated Saona Island excursion by Tripadvisor and HolidayCheck)

saonaisland1 In their element: Before reaching Saona Island, the guide will stop by a place called ‘Piscina Natural’ where one can see starfishes in their natural habitat.

Located at: La Romana Province, The Dominican Republic

#3 Stop: Punta Cana

Road truck & Jeep Safari Tour

trucksafariPhoto credit: PuntaCanaTours

jeepsafari1PuntaCana Jeep tours: Services are available from Monday to Saturday.

Both activities allow a traveller to visit local towns and witness Dominicans at work in their rice and sugar cane fields, allowing a glimpse into their daily lives. The tour will allow visitors to try horseback riding, local Dominican products and swimming in Dominican waters.

The difference between these two tours:

  • The truck adventure will be driven by a guide while the Jeep tour will enable visitors to drive the Jeep on their own.
  • Road truck tour lasts for 9 hours and Jeep tour lasts for 10 hours.

Why you should try this: If you want an all-away from the bustling city life swapped for an adrenaline adventure, this is what you should do.  On top of that, experiencing the culture of the Dominican locals would be something valuable to take away from the trip.


 The Marinarium is a water excursion where visitors will be sailed to an exclusive water aquarium with nurse sharks and stingrays that you can get up close and personal with. Interaction with the marine animals will be held in a safe environment making it perfect for a family activity as well.

marinariumSafety first: Enclosed in an environment under guide supervision, enjoy your experience up close with nurse sharks and stingrays! Photo credit: Marinarium

caribbeanfestival1Photo credit: GoSeeDo

Why you should try this: Having marine life that we can’t get near to in real life gliding under our feet is definitely an experience not to miss. Experiencing this personal interaction in a safe natural environment is also a point to consider as you are able to visit these Marine creatures where they are safe and cared for.

Here’s what you can expect from the tour.

#4 Stop: Puerto Plata

27 Waterfalls

 What’s better than visiting a waterfall? Visiting 27 waterfalls in one place! With that, it means that this particular place in Puerto Plata is made up of 27 kinds of ‘mini’ charcos (waterfalls).

 Visitors will start off their trip with relaxing at the Visitors Centre which has local Dominican food and beverages to choose from.

Photo credit: 27 Charcos

The journey to the waterfalls via the Nature trail will be lined with beautiful with the beautiful flora and fauna around. Not long after, visitors will reach their first waterfall followed by a series of other waterfalls.

27waterfalls1‘The Virgin’: Legend has it that Taino Indians who used to inhabit this area built a statue of the Virgin Saint of the Dominican Republic, Altragracia. With time, their handiwork ceased to exist but the waterfall remains.





waterfall2Natural waterslide: This waterfall is called ‘La Tinajita’ as it resembled a container that farmers used called ‘Tinaja’. Sliding down height of 20m high would definitely give one an adrenaline rush.  Photo credit: 27 Charchos , Expedia

waterfall3 Brace yourself: How fast these thrilling waters go will leave visitors in for a surprise

Why you should visit: Visiting the 27 waterfall would feel like a never-ending adventure. With so many natural slides to try and heights to dive from, 27 waterfalls is the perfect spot for an adrenaline rush activity with both family and friends.

 Waterfall fun

 Located at: Damajagua, Puerto Plata

White Water Rafting

 According to Xtremespots, Yaque Del Norte River is “the longest river in the Carribean”

You do not need to have any prior experience of rafting. Guides will be around to facilitate you.

 Rafting details:

  • Rapids Class II, III, IV
  • Highlight Point: ”Tyson rapid”
  • Duration: About 3.5 hrs

whitewaterraft1 Photo credit: NicePeopleNetworking

whitewaterrafting2Photo credit: Dominican Travel

Why you should visit:  To experience the “Tyson Rapids” which will allow visitors to feel a 3.6 m/12ft vertical drop. Paired with gorgeous scenery to remember, Yaque Del Norte River should definitely be in your bucketlist.

Minimum age: 12 years and above

Located at: Yaque De Norte River, Jarabacoa

#5 Stop: Samana

Walk the Plank Zip Line


samanazipline1Photo credit: TourSamanawithterry

Why you should visit: It is the longest Zipline in the Dominican Republic over 7000 ft and you get to fly above the Lulu Waterfall. One does not get a chance to fly over a waterfall every day!

Zip Line details (according to: TourSamanawithterry):

  • Tour duration: 4 – 5 hours
  • 13 stations and 12 total lines
  • Built-in brakes
  • Suitable for all ages

Here is what you can expect:

Whale Watching


Photo credit: quisqueya

What is your idea of a valuable keepsake for a trip? A live recording of whale watching could be one! At Sanama Bay, you stand a chance to watch whales up close. These whales are not shy to make their presence known and are truly a sight to behold.

Why you should do this:Tour guides like WhalesSamana, guarantees a whale sighting or your money back.  Besides that, having a whale swimming next to your boat will definitely be an experience to not forget! 

Tour details:

  • Tour will last 3-4 hours depending on whale sightings.
  • Not recommended for infants below 2 years old.
  • Additional fee will be charged for optional visit to Cayo Levantado


Hidden by the hype of other popular spots to travel to, The Dominican Republic proves to us how much of an adventure it can be. Do you have other activity suggestions in mind?  Do feedback to us, we are more than happy to add them to the list!