GoBeyond.SG: Time To Start Your Adventure

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Millions of people. 137 countries. 1 plane ride at a time. It’s time to start exploring.

Throughout my time here, I interviewed people who have travelled to less traditional places around the globe and each time I hear them speak, all I can think about is packing my bag and taking a flight out right there and then. Not to Australia or USA or UK (although they are still on my bucket list) but to a country in Latin America, Middle East or Central Asia.

So much so that I’m currently planning a trip to Nepal (hopefully to climb to Everest Base Camp) and I’m really excited about it! Truthfully, I’m more excited to try the street food there. My Nepalese friend gave me a list of street food to try when he heard that I was going to Nepal, and they all look delicious. But before I start rambling on about what I plan to do… here are some stuff that I did during my time at GoBeyond.SG.

I started the Travelgram Project, where we tested how much (or little) Singaporean youth knew about the countries that we write about through an impression board. It is not a big photo experiment like Humans of New York but I hope that it will grow in the future.

I have to admit that during my time here, it was a flurry of emotions. I was one of the youngest in the GoBeyond.SG team and sometimes I get intimidated because everyone seemed to know so much about the world. This turned out to be a good thing because I ended up listening more and in turn I learnt more. I think that should be how we live as well, don’t be so quick to open our mouths but listen instead, especially about things and places we don’t know very much about. I’m still learning how to do that effectively (sorry I’m a talker) but everyone has to start from somewhere!

Hmmm… I guess this is the end. The end of my journey here at GoBeyond.SG. I looked forward to the end of internship so that I could finally rest and start my trips to other countries but as the final date approaches, I just can’t help but feel … oddly empty.

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If you’d like to intern with GoBeyond.SG or contribute your stories, catchus@gobeyond.sg!