First stop Christchurch, NZ

After all the preparation, here we are at the beginning of our adventure.

It is going to be a ten-month trip for my family of four. We are two thirty-something Singaporeans with two children, ages 4 and 1. We are a normal Singaporean family but want to try out something different and put away the standard pursue of a career, house(s) and a car (crazy price). First Stop 1

The first question that I am usually asked is how much it is going to cost. Well, in Singapore terms, it is about the cost of 1 1/2 of a COE at current price. For the uninitiated, COE stands for the Certificate of Entitlement, which allows a car owner to use a car for 10 years. The current price is about S$100,000.

Many have also asked why or what objectives are we trying to achieve. In Singapore, we are always very mindful of our objectives and target – it is part of our psyche. The truth is, I do not have any objectives, basically it is a sabbatical that I am taking to allow me to understand the purpose of life.

First Stop 2

The rest of the trip will see us going to Fiji, USA, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, UK, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Sri Lanka.

Be sure to stay tuned to GoBeyond.SG for more adventures from the Travelling Kohs! We are extremely excited to have them on board as they embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey to explore the globe. If you have suggestions for itinerary or places for them to check out, come! We’d love to hear from you. 

  • deculan GOH

    Have fun! 恭喜发财。