Ahlan wa Sahlan

When our predecessors published their first story on GoBeyond.SG in October 2012, they were not sure whether the idea would take off or whether it would stall on the runway before it could even take flight.

One year on, we have shared exactly 80 stories of Singaporeans doing incredible, unimaginable, yet clearly entirely possible things all over the world. We hope their stories have inspired and will continue to inspire others to step up… onto a plane and explore the world.

A couple of months ago, we realised that as our stable of stories expanded, our basic blog format would be inadequate for accommodating and organising all the different types of articles we wanted to publish. As such we decided to give GoBeyond.SG a facelift, or rather… an interfacelift.

Today, we are proud to unveil our new look. There are still a few broken links that need mending and a few pictures that haven’t been correctly imported, so please be patient with us as we settle in.

Here are some of the key features of the new and improved GoBeyond.SG:

– Independent GoBeyond.SG contributors now have a place to call their own, as their stories will be published on the front page of our website in chronological order.

– We have re-categorised all our previous entries with a more streamlined, standardised tagging system that records the destination and purpose of each story.

– We have introduced a new search function that will allow readers to look for specific authors, posts, countries, and activities that they are interested in.

– In a bid to expand beyond our traditional broad story-based approach, we will have a more informative ‘Ask Me About’ section that will target very specific countries and areas of interest e.g. “Ask Me About… travelling solo as a woman in Iran”.

Ahlan wa sahlan is Arabic for ‘welcome’, and with this housewarming post we’d like to welcome you to explore a new domain with us (see what we did there?). Come in, see the sights, and send yourself a mental postcard or two from GoBeyond.SG!

This is us. Wanna join? catchus@gobeyond.sg

This is us. Wanna join? catchus@gobeyond.sg