13 Things You Must Know Before Heading To Ghana

Planning to work or to go on a vacation to Ghana but have no idea what to do or to prepare for? Read on for GoBeyond.SG’s top 13 tips, and own it in Ghana!

1. Research on local food culture of your destination country to mentally prepare yourself on the food available.Ghana Traditional Food

2. Ghana is not just bout fufu. Accra, the capital city of Ghana has fast food joints and international cuisine with new ones coming up.

cavaliere pazzo go beyond ghana Papaye chicken Gobeyond

3. Pack formal clothing. Ghanaians are very fashion forward!

Moet Ghana Fashion Show Gobeyond

4. Buy local cloth in your preferred print and tailor it to your own bespoke outfit.

Ghana Fabric Prints Gobeyond

5. Don’t let traffic jams stop you from shopping. You can buy literally ANYTHING from your car. (Yes, even puppies!)

Puppy Ghana
6. If you happen to be invited for a Ghanaian funeral, you are allowed to wear red in addition to black.

Ghana Funeral Red Gobeyond
7. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a party when you turn up for a funeral.

Ghana Funeral Party Gobeyond

8. Ask the locals to help when you want to ride a tro-tro (aka Trosky), the cheapest form of public transport in Ghana.

Ghana Tro-tro Gobeyond

9. Stock up on shampoo and conditional from your
supermarket in Singapore because they are super expensive in Ghana!

Supermarket Shampoo and conditional Gobeyond

10. Don’t be surprised if Ghanians/Black African offer you a couple hundred of bucks for your long, straight hair. According to them, it’s a prized possession.

Long Hair Ghana

11. Experience the life of a queen and shop from your doorstep. Any type of shopping you need could come to you in just a phone call away

Shopping at home Ghana Gebeyond

12.  Pop in a salon and get your hair braided by a Ghanaian lady’s skilful hands.

Braided hair Ghana


13. Tipping a little goes a long way- Ghanaians will go the extra mile for you to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction after receiving this little extra from you.

Tipping culture in Ghana

Want to find out more about the Food and Culture of Ghana? Read on more on the experiences of Esther Yap, a Singapore who is working in Ghana as a marketing manager!

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